Famous People in Japan

Matsumura Kunihiro

Date of Birth 11 August 1967
Place of Birth Yamaguchi
Stature and Weight 164cm, 111kg
size B:122 W:126 H:124 F:26.5

Kunihiro Matsumura is now famous with his thickset body and the unique character. At first, he was working in TV station as a part-time job. Then he was accepted by Tsurutaro Kataoka and came into the entertainment world.

He is very good at mimic. One of the most popular items in his repertory is the ex-professional baseball player, Masayuki Kakefu, which is very similar to the real one. Sometimes on the radio or baseball relay, when Matsumura is talking as Kakefu, people believe that it is real Kakefu.

The other one is known as "Bow Bow". It is his mimic of the broadcast writer, Fumio Takada's way of laughing. Though "Bow Bow" is not similar to the real one, it is accepted by people with the sound and the laughableness. And now "Bow Bow" is used to refer to him.

Beside above, he mimics many other famous personalities such as; Beat Takeshi, Syoufukutei Tsurube, Bandou Eiji, Inagawa junji, Kuwata Keisuke, Ishibashi Takaaki, Yanagisawa Shingo, Dagawa Tetsuro, Shofukutei Nikaku, Nishimoto Yukio, and Tatsukawa Mitsuo.

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Reported by: Okayama Naomi
Data verified by: Yamasaki Tsikasa
Date of Report: July 1998

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