Famous People in Japan

Matsumoto Takahiro

Date of Birth 27 May 1961
Place of Birth Osaka

When Matsumoto Takahiro was a child, he listened to a lot of music. He began to play the guitar, when he was a sixteen years old.

Everyday he practiced it hard. When he was a high school student, he didn't belong to any club and wore his hair long. He became a support member of TMN and Mari Hamada. When he wanted to make a band, he listened to the tape of Kohshi Inaba.

They made a band named B'z. Their first song was "Dakara Sono Te Wo Hanashite". Gradually the B'z became very popular. At first their songs were dance musics, but they changed them into blues and rock. A representative album is "The seventh blues". They held some open-air concerts and a lot of people came to see them. Their CDs always sell more than a million copies. Their best album, "Best of Pleasure" has sold more than 2,700,000 copies which is the most for any CD in Japan.

They released a new single, "Home" in July.

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Reported by: Tanaka Hiroo
Data verified by: Yamamoto Makoto
Date of Report: October 1998

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