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Matsumoto Hitoshi

Date of Birth 8 September 1963
Place of Birth Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture

Hitoshi Matsumoto is very famous as a comedian, and is active in many TV variety shows. The following is his biography.

Hitoshi was born in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture. He is a youngest child in his family of five. His father designs stage settings.

When Hitoshi was born, he weighed 4,200 grams, so was a big baby. When a small child, he had big, round eyes and was very sweet. He was inconspicuous and quiet when a schoolboy. He liked cartooning in his house, his mother, Akiko, stating it in a magazine article.

Hitoshi was often bullied when a first-grade pupil. However, after he amused his classmates, they came to acknowledge his superiority. Then he thought a laugh to be amazing, he said in a video.

When Hitoshi was a junior high school student, he suddenly made friends with Hamada. Though they had known each, then they were kindergartners, Hitoshi hadn't talked to him very much, because, in spite of being a schoolboy, he had his hair permed and looked like a young punk. He seemed to be afraid of Hamada. They both, however, joined the broadcasting club, and they usually amused those around them. They became famous in their school.

Hitoshi entered Amagasaki Technical High School. At that time he was a quiet person and was afraid of strangers, except that he amused those around him. He used to be late for school and cut class. He was regarded as a heretic in his school, though he seriously thought that he would become a entertainer. A printing company decided to hire him informally, before he graduated. However, he seemed to be dissatisfied with the event, and refused to accept it.

Hitoshi graduated from high school in 1982, and he entered the training school, NSC, for entertainers.(sponsored by Yoshimoto Show Business). At that time he became their comic duo in combination with his childhood friend, Hamada. Hitoshi used to write scripts for their two-man comic act. They would go to a park and practice.

When they went to Tokyo seven years ago, they changed their stage name, Right Brothers into "Downtown". They have been getting along well with their works. Moreover, Hitoshi has published two essays before. One title is "A Note Left Behind", the other is "Matsumoto". These have been bestsellers.In the book he states he respects Ken Shimura

He also sold his video. "Hitori Gottsu" was put on sale on June 21. It is divided into 2 videos. The No.1 is "scrupulous of Emmu" and the No.2 is " scrupulous of Amazumi".

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Reported by: Hiroshi Ikeda
Data verified by: Fukushima Tomoko
Date of Report: November 1995
Updated by: oshimi Morikawa, October, 1997
Updated by: Narui Ayumu, May 1998

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