Famous People in Japan

Matsukata Hiroki

Date of Birth 23 July 1942
Place of Birth Tokyo

In 1960, when Matsukata was a high school student, he entered the motion picture world. And the same year, he made his debut in movie.

He appeared in many historical plays with Kitaoji Kinya. They were a good combination. And then, he played an active part in a Japanese yakuza dramas. His most important work is 'Jingi naki Tatakai.'

We can see him not only in movies but also in many dramas these days. He demonstrated his personality in a variety show like 'Tensai Takeshi No Genki Ga Deru TV.' Besides he produced a movie. The title is 'Don Ni Natta Otoko'

His wife is Nishina Akiko who used to be an actress before. She wants to divorce with him because of his fickleness.

References: 'Gendai Jinmei Jiten'

Reported by: Aya Uhara
Data verified by: Miyuki Takeno
Date of Report: July 1998

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