Famous People in Japan

Matsui Kazuo

Date of Birth 23 October 1975
Place of Birth Osaka

Matsui Kazuo is a professional baseball player. And the team that he belong to is Seibu Lions. Then he is a shortstop. He is one of the most fast runner in Japanese professional baseball player. Every year, he succeed to steal a lot of bases.ūp> His high school is PL Gakuen, which is famous for having a strong baseball team and win the victory in the Koushien high school baseball tournament many times. Then in 1993, after he graduated from school, he entered the Seibu Lions.

In 1997 he became the stolen base champion. The number of stolen bases was 62. And his batting average was .309. This is fourth in Pacific league. He got the golden glove prize too, which the best a fielder could get. Then in this year, thanks to his activity, his team won the Pacific league championship.

He is good at running, batting and offense. He is going to become one of the most famous baseball players in Japan .

He can bat both right hand and left hand. Right hand is more powerful than left hand. But, left hand is not weakly. So his batting average is high.

Reported by: Yasunobu Kusunoki
Data verified by: Yamamoto Makoto
Date of Report: July 1998
Updated by: Kouhei Kurokawa, July 2002

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