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Masuda Okada

Name Date of Birth
Hidehiko Masuda Feb 9, 1970
Keisuke Okada Nov 17, 1968

Masuda Okada is a comedy duo. Their names are Hidehiko Masuda and Keisuke Okada. They both went to junior college at Kansai Gaidai and met there. They paired up with other people and gave performances at lunchtime in "Owarai Live".

After one year, Masuda invited Okada to come to the entertainment world but Okada refused. After graduating from junior college, Okaka went to a special school of international foreign languages. Masuda on the other hand, continued on to third year at Kansai Gaidai. They parted for a while.

A year later, when Masuda became an MC in a school festival, he was invited to the entertainment world by a talent scout. Masuda invited Okada again and they went to Shochiku Co's talent training school. But after three months, Okada quit and got a job.

Four months later, they were to meet again at a friend's wedding party. In Jan 1993, Masuda finally persuaded Okada to become a comedian. They debuted on "Kitemite Club" 3 weeks later.

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Reported by: Sho Kuriyama, Toru Ishikura
Data verified by: Kengo Kurata, Ryosuke Echigo
Date of Report: August 13, 2001

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