Famous People in Japan

Mr. Marrick

Date of Birth 1 January 1949
Place of Birth Gifu

Mr. Marrick has appeared on TV programs all at once. He called himself "a psychic entertainer." He used not only conjuring tricks, but also "Ultra-Magic", from bending spoons to moving rings without touching them in front of the audience. "Hand Power," as he called his power, became a popular phrase.

He had liked juggling from his childhood and wanted to be a magician. Once he became an office worker, however, he quit his job to make his dream come true. When he was 23, he appeared on the stage of Pacific Coast American Magicians, that is called the "Olympiad of Magicians," as the first Japanese, and he won the championship in the close-up class.

Later he met the magician Amazing Randy and was greatly affected by him, so he made up his mind to be "a psychic entertainer." Today, he still gives live performances and currently appears on TV under another name "Kurima Tasumi" Now he has become one of the most famous magicians in Japan. He will continue to surprise many people with his "Hand Power".

References: Gendai Nihonjinmeiroku, 1994 vol.4, p.741

Reported by: Ken Yoneda
Data verified by: Mineyo Morita
Date of Report: November 1995
Updated by: Yasunobu Kusunoki, May 1998

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