Famous People in Japan

Makihara Noriyuki

Date of Birth 18 May 1969
Place of Birth Osaka

Noriyuki Makihara is a singer who makes highly original pop music. He writes all the lyrics and music. His music include in western music, because he loves western music very much. His most famous song is "Donnatokimo". One of his unique characteristics is that he likes to is his chat while playing on his piano. He received the prize for a new man with this song in 1991. There are many winter songs in his songs. "Ashioto" was used as the theme-song of the Winter Olympic Game in 1998.

In 1996, he released his 6th album "DIGITAL COWBOY" which has all the lyrics in English. It is rare that Japanese artist make an original album like this. This album is full of his love and dream about music.

"SMILING"I, II, III are his best albums. His love songs give courage to loving people.

Hit singles

Donnatokimo (Whenever)
Fuyuga hajimaruyo (Winter will start)
Ashioto (The sound of footsteps)

Hit albums

Kimiha bokuno takaramono (you are my treasure)

References: Radio program "Stardust Favorites"

Reported by: Matsumoto Naoko
Date of Report: Dec. 1998

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