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Date of Birth 17 February 1968
Place of Birth Aomori
Real Name Nagao Shuhei

Mainoumi is 171 centimeters and his weight is 98 kilograms. He is short but he wanted to be a sumo wrestler, so he put silicon into his head in order to pass the test.

He belongs to Dewanoumi-beya. His first appearance was Natsu-basho on May, 1990.

He is one of the most popular wrestler because he can beat bigger wrestlers in spite of his small body. He is good at "Hidari-yottsu" and "Shitate-nage". Nekodamashi is his famous trick. When the bout starts and he stands up, he moves suddenly to the right or left so that the other wrestler cannot grab him from the front.

He often gets injured because of his small body, so his best rank is Komusubi.

References: http://www.wnn.or.jp

Reported by: Ueo Chie
Data verified by: Saito Atsuko
Date of Report: January 1999

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