Famous People in Japan

Maggy Shiro

Date of Birth 1946
Place of Birth Ibaragi

Maggy Shiro was born in Ibaragi. When he does magic, he talks "Ibaragi-ben" which is one of the factors that makes the audience laugh more. He made up his mind to become a magician and he went to Tokyo when he was seventeen. There, he went to school for magicians and created his own style.

He became a professional when he was twenty. His own way of magic is not simply doing magic but also making the audience laugh by his art of talking. Wearing a small moustache, he often show the tricks on purpose. He plays the role of a suspicious-looking magician.

He is still active mostly in live performances at vaudeville theaters.

References: Reported by: Ken Yoneda
Data verified by: Mineyo Morita
Date of Report: November 1995
Updated by: Yuuko Mizutani,May 1998

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