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Lopes Wagner

Date of Birth 29 January 1969
Place of Birth Sao Paulo

Lopes Augusto Wagner is one of the greatist players in Japan and a gentle father of two children.

He was born as a Brazilian. As every child in Brazil plays soccer, he began to play it in childhood. As he was good at getting goals, he took part in soccer games as an striker. He tried to be a good player like Pele, a great king of soccer.

In 1985, he was admitted to Sun Paulo Football Club, and he improved his skills. He was able to keep the ball when he dribbled more and more. In addition, he became good in heading, so they came to be trusted as a good striker in his team. He contributed to the rising rank of his team as much as possible. It brought his team to the champion of Brazilian League in 1986 and of Sun Paulo League in 1985 and 1987.

In 1987, he came to Japan to play soccer. Though he belonged to Nissan Football Club, he had few chances to compete in soccer games, and his ability was not readily admitted by Japanese players and coaches. Shu Kamo was a person who was interested in Lopes' ability for the first time in Japan. He gave him some chances to compete in the games. Lopes showed his ability grandly, and the other members began to trust him as a forward gradually. While belonging to some different teams, he became the best point getter of the Japan Football League.

After he moved to the Honda-Giken Football Club and finally he came to Bellmare, in Hirakata. On September in 1997, as soon as he was naturalized in Japan, he was sellected as a player of national team by the Japanese manager, Shu Kamo!! He decided to repay Kamo's kindness, and he did his best to win games for the World Cup. As a result, the Japanese national team was able to compete in the World Cup for the first time.

In 1998, He went to France , but the new Japanese manager, Takeshi Okada gave him few chances to play. Though things seemed against him, he never gave up hope. On June 26th, the Japanese team played the Jamaican team. He didn't have a chance to take part in the game as usual. The Japanese supporters believed Japanese team would win the game. In spite of this optimistic view, Jamaica got two goals. Finally, he was given a chance to play. Though he didn't get any goals, he did his best, and at last his partner, Masashi Nakayama got a goal for the first time in the World Cup. It resulted from Lopes' comtribution!! Though the Japan national team lost all the games, he will show us greater skills and more exciting play in J-League and the World Cup in 2002.

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Reported by: Yamashita Keisuke
Data verified by: Yamamoto Yuji
Date of Report: July 1998

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