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Hyde Vocal
Ken Guitar
Tetsu Bass
Yukihiro Drummer

L'arc-en-ciel is composed of four members. They are very popular in Japan.

In 1991 Tetsu made the band. And they held live concert in Osaka. Then they extended their sphere to Tokyo. But the guiter and the drums withdrew, so new guitarist and drummer "ken" and "Sakura" entered.

In 1993 they published first album called "Dune" before they became "major". It got first prize. And the same year, they did the first live concert tour.

In 1994 they made their major debut in musical circles. Their first single was "Blurry Eyes".And This song was used in a Japanese animation, "D.N.A 2".

In 1995 their fan club "Ciel" started. Then they did the concert with "Kuroyume", "The yellow monkey" on 22th August. And they published a third album called "Heavenly". It appeared at third place in "Orikon". "Orikon" is the famous institution that investigate Japanese music. Then they made their first appearance in "Music Station". And They published the first official photograph album.

In 1996 they held twenty five concerts in the year. And they published a fourth album in December called "True". At first it appeared at second place and six weeks after, it became at first place in it. It was long seller album and continued to enter in tenth place for nine weeks.

But in 1997 Sakura in drums caused a disgraceful affair. And he was arrested because he had many hemps and used them. So they stopped all activities. And Sakura was confined at home for some time. Then Hyde, Tetsu, and Ken began to do activities again. And they published a new song at 17 October. This title was "Niji(Rainbow)" At this time, Yukihiro who was formerly in "Die in cries" joined it. With this song, they came back perfectly. And they held concert in Tokyo dome at December.

In 1998 "Honey", "Kasou", and "Shinnshoku" rose more than one million. And "Snow drop" is used on TV program called "Hashire Koumuinn (police woman)" every Tuesday. Then "Forbidden lover" is used on TV program called "Shitteru Tsumori". Now their official calendar is published at two thousand yen.


Number Song Release Date "Orikon" Popularity
Blurry Eyes 21th October  
Vivid Colors 6th July  
Natsu no Yuuutsu 21th September  
Kaze ni Kienaide 8th July 4th
Flower 17th October 5th
Lies and Truth 21th November 6th
Niji 17th October  
Winter Fall 28th January 1st
Dive to Blue 25th March 1st
Honey 8th July 1st
Kasou 8th July 3rd
Sinsyoku 8th July 2nd
Snow Drop 7th October 1st
Forbidden Lover 14th October 1st


Number Song Release Date "Orikon" Popularity
Dune 27th April 1993  
Tierra 14th July 1994  
Heavenly 1st September 1995 3rd
True 12th December 1996 2nd
Heart 25th February 1998 1st

Reference: http://www.d-crue.com/main/larc/

Reported by: Yamamoto Makoto
Data verified by: Shimada Masato
Date of Report: November 1998

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