Famous People in Japan

Kusano Masamune

Date of Birth 21 December 1967
Place of Birth Fukuoka

Kusano Masamune is a member of Spitz. It is a very popular group among young people now. And he is the vocalist of this group and writes music and words in their tunes. In 1987, they organized the band, as they published their 11th single CD, "Robinson," in April, 1995, they became popular. Now their songs are always popular and they are among the best 5 in sales.

He says that he had not thought he could earn enough to live on, by singing their songs. When he was a high school student, his father told him to study music harder and was very strict about it. Now, he is happy to see his son singing.

His view of music is like this: Music sets people free from nasty and dull things they do over and over in their daily life. So Kusano wants the listener of Spitz to feel something by listening to their songs or coming to their live concerts. Kusano, too, can then feel like he is escaping from the place he lives every day. "The Release from the Daily Life," is the music he aims for.

In 1997, it was 10 years since Spitz was organized. Kusano had become 30 years old but his beatiful voice has not changed.

References: Magazine 'Olive', July 1995

Reported by: Akane Kodama
Data verified by: Mikako Mizutani
Date of Report: November, 1995
Updated by: Yuki NakazuMay,1998