Famous People in Japan


Name Shigeru Kisida Seizi Sato Nobuyuki Mori
Date of Birth 7 April 1976 1 February 1977 20 June 1975
Place of Birth Kyoto Kyoto Kyoto

In 1995 Mori, Sato and Kishida met each other in Ritsumei University. They were the members of the same music circle.

In 1997 they released"MoshiMoshi". It was a demo tape. They made only 1000 of them. That's why now it is difficult for us to get them. In 1998 they recorded "Fanderia" in February. They were seniors in the university. They released "Fanderia"in May. They gave a live concert with Perrows and Guitar Wolf in Osaka. They recorded "Tokyo" in June. They made their debut in October.

In 1999 they released their first debut single "Tokyo"in January. This song was very popular as a Japanese song on FM802 in February. Thanks to that, "Tokyo" sold well and they became famous. Many music magazines published aarticle about them. Persons concerned in the music industry and musicians began to pay attention to them.. After that, they released their second single "Niji". In order to advertise this song, they appeared to many programs on the radio in the whole country. They became more famous than before.

They released their first album "Sayonara Stranger" in April. They did their first national tour from May 10 to May 20. It was a great success. They went there with the car "Kururi Gou" which they love. They liked cars and trains very much.

It has passed only 8 months that they made their debut. I think they are wonderful. I hope that they will be more famous than now.

Tokyo October 1998
Niji February 1999
Aoi Sora August 1999
Machi November 1999
Sayonara Stranger April 21, 1999


References: Rokin on JAPAN,

Reported by: Naoko Tanaka
Data verified by: Youichirou Tanaka
Date of Report: Novenber 1999

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