Famous People in Japan

Kuroi Ken

Date of Birth 5 October 1947
Place of Birth Niigata

Kuroi Ken is a professional illustrator. He came out as a illustrator in 1976 and he has produced more than 150 illustrated books or collection of paintings till now.. Many those books are transrated into foreign language. His books are made for children.

He grew up at the snowy area in Niigata where there aren't intense colors so he says that he doesn't have a good sense for colors. His pictures have charactaristic atmosphere and relaxation because those are painted in colored pencils. His atelier is half underground at home. The sun shines on the room. There is a large desk and a lot of colored pencils on the desk. All of his books are created in the room.

His famous works are 'Gon fox' and 'Swim the Silver Sea ,'Joshie otter'. Gon fox's story is very sad. (A kind fox named Gon took chestnuts and matsutake to Hyoju in secret. Hyoju was farmhand. One day he saw Gon did that, but he thought Gon did mischief. Then he shot Gon to death.) The story and his picture were known to many Japanese, because the story is often taught in Japanese elementary schools.

References: 'Moe' Magazine

Reported by: Nakazu Yuki
Data verified by: Matsuo Yuko
Date of Report: July 1998

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