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Kuraki Mai

Date of Birth 28 October, 1982
Place of Birth Unknown

She made her debut as " Mai.K " from America Bip ! Records in the U.S. when she was 16 years old. Her debut maxi-single, " Baby I Like " was sold out on the same day. A producer in America thought that her ability was great. The musicians who participated her recording were artists who make it a principle to take part in a recording only when they like the person. These very musicians wanted to participate her recording actively. It is proof that she, only 16 years old, has great possibilities !!

She carried out her debut in Japan by selling " Love, Day After Tomorrow " on December 8, 1999. It sold over a million CDs in only three months. Her 2nd and 3rd singles ranked in the charts for months, too, and they still keep high ranks in popularity at karaoke. The secrets of her popularity are her ability of singing and her sweet and clear voice.

She has something in common with Utada Hikaru. They are the same age. They made their debut about the same time in Japan, and they had put CDs on sale in America. People said that she was the second Utada Hikaru, but she is proud of it.

She is still a highschool student and active as a singer, so she attends school while doing her work. She likes R&B and Black music, Whitney Houston and Lauren Hill. Her hobbies are painting and making accessories.

She sold her 1st album, " Delicious Way " on June 28, 2000. It sold over three million CDs. It was at the top of three sections, female artist, 1st album, and original album, and it made a new successive record. She fascinated her fans more and more.

She passed the examination of Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto in October, 2000, so she will enjoy the rest of her highschool life and become more active her work. Perhaps she may appear on TV soon. Her fans greatly expect her to do great things from now on.

Love, Day After Tomorrow December 8, 1999
Stay By My Side March 15, 2000
Secret of My Heart April 26, 2000
Simply Wonderful September 27, 2000
Reach For The Sky November 8, 2000
Delicious Way June 28, 2000

References: Mai.K Official Wedsite

Reported by: Yumi Nomura
Data verified by: Yoshiko Honda
Date of Report: December, 2000
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