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Date of Birth December 31, 1963
Place of Birth Hawaii
Real Name Salevaa Atisanoe

May 30 1998, in Ryogoku-kokugikan, Konishiki finished the Sumo life.

Konishiki's real name is Salevaa Atisanoe. He was a Samoan born in Hawaii on December 31, 1963. In childhood, he liked American football very much and he was famous as a good player.

When he was 18 years old, he met Takamiyama who is famous Sumo wrestler. Takamiyama came to Hawaii to invite Salevaa to Sumo. Salevaa was interested in Sumo and June 18, 1982, he went to Japan. He became Takasago-Beya's pupil. Takasago-Oyakata took care of him. November 1983, he became Jyuryo and after he enterd Makuuchi, he won against many famous Sumo wrestlers. May 27, 1987, he rose to Ozeki rank. Then his weight was over 250 kg. 1988 in kyusyu-Place, he won a championship for the first time. But he didn't became Yokozuna. On the contrary, his right knee hurt because of his heavy weight. And 1993 in Kyusyu-Place, he dropped from Ozeki. After that he didn't win many times. At last he dropped in Jyuryo. May 30, 1998, He finished his Sumo life of 15 years.

Now he coaches young Sumo wrestlers as Sayama-Oyakata. References: http://www.ibm.park.org/Japan/Konishiki/profile-e.html; "Konishiki story recorded in a magazine"

Reported by: Nobuhiro Tsuji
Data verified by: Miyai Daisuke
Date of Report: July 1998

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