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Komuro Tetsuya

Date of Birth 28 November 1958
Place of Birth Tokyo

Komuro Tetsuya is famous as a many-sided musician. He has changed Japanese music style.

First, he became famous as a keyboard player and leader of TMN which was formed by him and his friends, Utsunomiya Takashi and Kine Naoto in 1984. He published his own record for the first time when he joined TMN. After the "TMN project", he decided to became a music producer for the "TK project".

His first success as a producer was "trf" which means "Tetsuya Komuro Reduce Factory". Their "Crazy Gonna Crazy" and "Masquerade" were great hits. After that, he had continued to search for new singers who had ability and found a woman, Shinohara Ryoko. Her song, "Itoshisato setsunasato kokorozuyosato" was a big hit. After these hits, he often began to appear on TV. On TV, Hamada Masatoshi who is known as a comedian asked him to make a new song, and they formed a group which was named "H Jungle With T". Their song, "Wor War Tonight" was sold over two million records.

He made a group, "Globe" after a few months. In this group, he is a producer and a keyboard player. They aimed at making new style song made of rap and house music, and their "Joy to the love" was a hit in 1995.

He has pursued his original music world and he established his own record company "ORUMOK Records". From this company, Kahara Tomomi who is known as his lover made debut with "I believe".

These many groups and singers were called "Komuro Family", and monopolized the hit chart, but he is not satisfied with this situation. His next objective is to advance to the world.

References: The Gendai Jinmei Jiten

Reported by: Okamura Ryota
Data verified by: Ota Masakazu
Date of Report: January 1997
Updated by: Shimada Masato, May 1998

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