Famous People in Japan

The Kome Kome Club

Core Members Date of Birth Place of Birth
Carl Smokey Ishii September 22, 1959 Ibaragi
Bon March 5, 1960 Kanagawa
James Onoda November 8, 19?? Kanagawa

The Kome Kome Club is a famous music group in Japan. There are a lot of members -- about 15 -- and each members' nickname is very unique. Carl Smokey Ishii, Bon and James Onoda are the core members. They met in university. They all loved movies, so they formed a movie club called "Eiga Kenkyukai." From that, the Kome Kome Club was born."Romanhikou" and "Kime ga iru dake de" are their most popular songs.

The sets on the stage, the costumes, and the music in the concerts are almost all designed by Carl Smokey Ishii. He has had an art dealer since he was 19 years old, and now he displays his artistic ability in all aspects of Kome Kome Club. And, as he is deeply interested in movies, he has made two, "Kappa" and "ACRI." These movies have many beautiful scenes, showing his artistic sense.

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Reported by: Takako Ogushi, Yumi Yamada, Youko Yonekura, Masako Matsunaga
Date of Report: October 1996

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