Famous People in Japan

Kokonoe Mitsugu

Date of Birth 1 June 1955
Place of Birth Hokkaido

In 1974 Chiyonofuji was scouted by the head of Kokonoebeya who was a famous yokozuna, the highest rank in sumo wrestling, and came to Tokyo from Hokkaido. In 1978 he debuted as a sumo wrestler. But he suffered from being light weight, from a dislocation of the shoulder and other wounds.

Regardless of his many pains, he gradually distinguished himself. In 1981 he won a victory for the first time, and was promoted to Ozeki. After that he won a victory again, and in the same year he was promoted to yokozuna. His favorite trick was the 'Hidarimaemitsu'. His play was speedy and technically, and he was known by the nickname of 'wolf.'

In 1987 he won fifty-three successive victories which is the best record since the war. And in 1989 he accomplished nine hundred and sixty-eight victories in all. That is the highest on record. As a result of that he was given the National Medal of Honor. In 1991 he retired because of a decline in strength. In 1992 he succeeded to the ownership of Kokonoebeya and now he is training a lot of young wrestlers.

References: Shintei Gendai Nippongin Meiroku 1994 Vol 2 p713

Reported by:

Yoshida Tomoe
Data verified by: Maiko Akita
Date of Report: November 1995

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