Famous People in Japan

Koizumi Kyoko

Date of Birth 4 February 1966
Original Name Nagase Kyoko
Place of Birth Kanagawa

Koizumi Kyoko is called "KyonKyon," and she is very popular among a lot of people regardless of their sex. She is active in many fields, as a singer, a writer, and an actress especially in TV commercials. All her commercials became the talk of the town. Also she writes an essay for the magazine "An An," and her plain story gets the sympathy of many women. Since she married Nagase Masatoshi in 1995, she has added charm as an adult woman.

In 1981, she won the finals of TV audition program "Star Tanjou." And next year she made her debut in show business. She performs not only a singer but also an actress. She played "Anmitsuhime" for the first time. The famous dramas she played are "Papa to Nacchann", "Aishiatteru kai", "Mada koi ha hajimaranai". She also performed many movies whose names are "Kaitou rubi", "Yamai ha ki kara2".

KyonKyon is cute and stylish, so many girls imitate her fashion sense and her hair style. She is a rare person who has kept her popularity ever since her debut. Recently she doesn't play on TV since she got married. But she is still introduced as an attractive woman in many magazines.

References: Gendaijinmei Jiten,'94, Vol.1

Reported by: Gotou Yuki
Data verified by: Kamei Mika
Date of Report: November 1995
Updated by: Fukushima Tomoko, May 1998

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