Famous People in Japan

Koike Mariko

Date of Birth 1952
Place of Birth Tokyo

She graduated from the literature department of Seikei University. In 1989, her novel "Tsumano Onnatomodachi" received the prize of the Japan Society for Mystery Writers. In 1996, she was given the Naoki Prize for "Koi".

She writes various kinds of novels like psychological novels, horror fictions, and essays. Her master pieces are "Mienai Johji", "Mubansou", and "Kyouhuhaitatunin".

Her psychological descriptions are evaluated highly. She is also known for her good looks. Her essay "the Recommendation to the Intelligent Wicked Woman" became a best-seller.

References: her books

Reported by: Saito Atsuko
Data verified by: Ueo Chie
Date of Report: January 1999

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