Famous People in Japan

Kohmoto Hiroto

Date of Birth 17 March 1963
Place of Birth Okayama

Hiroto Kohmoto graduated the Okayama High School which is famous in Okayama.

He organized a band named Coots when he was in high school. The Coots was a previous type of the band named Blue Hearts.

He has a very hoarse voice, so a lot of people were attracted by his voice. And his ward of songs are very symple, but it has strong impression. Hiroto often took off his cloth in the Blue Hearts' live.

They became famous in Japan. And they created a lot of great songs. Once he commented, "We grew up listening to bands like the Rolling Stones and Beatles who all sing in English, and we couldn't understand them either. So we think it can work".

Although they aparted from each other, Hiroto organized a new band named High Lows and though their songs weren't listened to by so many people, but some people really like their songs, and were attracted by Hiroto's character.

Reported by: Hayase Toshio
Data verified by: Shimada Masato
Date of Report: July 1998

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