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Kobayashi Yoshinori

Date of Birth
Place of Birth Fukuoka

He is a cartoonist born in 1953 in Fukuoka. He is famous for the cartoons "Obocchamakun" or "Gomanizumu Sengen".

He was an asthmatic patient when he was a school child. He had a very weak constitution, so he was not good at sports. Maybe still now he is weak. However, God gave him the talent of cartooning. He has drawn cartoons since he was an asthmatic. He made his own cartoon book of his cartoons and showed his friends. It was very popular among them.

He entered the technical high school, because there was enough time to draw cartoons. When he was in second grade, he had no will to enter college, therefore he wanted to be a professional cartoonist as soon as he graduated high school. However, his teacher persuaded him to enter college. He told him that college is good for him, therefore he entered college.

When he was in college, he looked down on other people around him. However he regretted that later. He realized that he couldn't live alone. He was helped by many people to grow up. This experience has affected his cartoons. If he had no such experience, he couldn't succeed as a cartoonist.

Originally, he drew pure gag cartoons like "Obocchamakun". It was so funny. However now he draws satire cartoons with gag like "Gomanizumu Sengen" They are very famous for his cutting words about current events. They are so intense that they causes many arguments. When he drew about "Oumu", he was almost assassinated by them. However, he didn't stop drawing. He said that "A pen is the most effective weapon"

He sometimes appeared on TV programs like "Asamade NamaTV" It's a debating program. He debates current events very hard with professional critics of each problems. He is an able person.

He also joins protesting activities like AIDS problem against the Ministry of Health and Welfare

I think he is a supporter of the general public. However, he says "I'm not a supporter. I'm just doing what I want to do." These words attract me. I want to be a man like him.

References: Gomanizumu Sengen

Reported by: Naohiro Nishida
Data verified by: Kentaro Ogawa
Date of Report: November 1999
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