Famous People in Japan

Kitajima Saburo

Date of Birth 4 October 1936
Place of Birth Shiriuchi Town, Hokkaido


Saburo Kitajima is one of the most famous singers in Japan. He grew up in the rich nature of Shiriuchi in Hokkaido. He has been singing Japanese folk songs,"enka", for 30 years.

He moved to Tokyo from Hokkaido to become a singer in 1955. He entered the Tokyo Seisen Music School. But he was disgusted by classic vocal exercises everyday. Because he wanted to sings of popular songs. He than visited the office of his enka mentor and he met Toru Funamura, a composer. Toru Funamura became his lifelong teacher. He studied many songs in Toru Funamura popular collection and soon was on the road to becoming a singer himself. This meeting was a valuable encounter for him.

He debuted as an enka singer under the command of Toru Funamura in 1962. He became well known under the name of "Saba Chan". He wrote music by himself and produces many hit songs. He became a leading figure of enka world and was awarded many prizes. His songs are dynamic and powerful, so he has a wide range of fans. He now teaches young enka singer how to sing. His songs will be popular forever.

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Reported by: Maiko Nishijima (Hokkaido Tokai University)
Data verified by: Keiya Matsui
Date of Report: September 2002

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