Famous People in Japan

Kitajima Hideaki

Date of Birth 23 May 1978
Place of Birth Chiba
Height 182cm
Weight 75kg
Blood type O

Kitajima Hideaki belongs to Kashiwa Reysol, and plays FW. He belonged to Kasumi FC when he was a Junior High School student. He went to Narashino Fourth Junior High School, and Ichiritu Funabashi High School, which are famous for the strength in sports, for example soccer and baseball.

When he was high school student, he was proud of his speed. He played a great part in captain of his soccer team. In 1997, his team won the championship in All-Japan High School Soccer Tournament.

He loves dogs very much, so he has two miniature dachshunds whose names are Sakura and Fubuki. Even if he is tired very much due to his soccer practice, he takes a walk with the dogs every day.

His favorite car is a White Benz, so he likes to wash it in his free time.

The Soccer philosophy of Kitajima Hideaki (from Kitajima Hideaki. net)
He becomes the post player of No.1.
He involves in every match score.
A frail play which falls simply is not carrying out.
He becomes the strong body which is not fail to world levels.
Continue soccer in some forms throughout life.
He becomes the soccer player who loved soccer very much.
He becomes the player which gives a fan a dream and hope.
He becomes the player which gives a fan a dream and hope.
He makes visitors who can come to the stadium be satisfied.


Kitajima Hideaki's website: http://www.kitajima-hideaki.net/
Dictionary of popular people'98 (Nichigai Associates)
Reported by: Masami Yamashita
Verified by: Kaori Tada
Date of Report: November 2001

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