Famous People in Japan


Date of Birth April 1, 1971
Place of Birth Kinnikusei
Height 185 cm
Weight 90 Kg

Kinnikuman was born on April 1st, 1971. His real name is "Suguru Kinniku" and he came to Earth from Kinnikusei (muscle planet) because his parents threw him away. His favorite things are Morinaga cocoa, potelong, garlic and gyudon (beef and rice in bowl).

Kinnikuman is drawn by the cartoonist "Yudetamago". One of the most famous stories is called "The Big Fight". It's about a superman's olympics held to decide the strongest superman. At first, he was not very strong, but as he fought for friendship and justice, he became stronger and stronger. In the end, he miraculously won the championship.

Kinnikuman's voice is done by Akira Kamiya who comes from Kanagawa. His birthday is September 18th and he has type "A" blood. He voice is used in many famous masterpieces, for example "Okkaben", "Meitantei Konan", "Hokuto no Ken", "City Hunter" and "Uruseiyatura". His voice is loved by the Japanese people.



Reported by: Maki Asai, Reiko Ito, Maki Inaba
Data verified by: Ryoko Kamimura, Kaori Uramoto
Date of Report: August 13, 2001

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