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Kimura Yoshino

Date of Birth April 10, 1976
Place of Birth Tokyo

Kimura Yoshino was active as a magazine model when she was a senior in high school. After that, she made her debut as an actress with NHK TV drama called "Genki wo Ageru" in 1996 where she acted the heroine.

Since her debut, she has been appearing on a lot of TV dramas, variety shows, and TV commercials.

She appeared on over 20 TV dramas so far, and most of them were very popular. For example, "Tsukino Kagayaku Yorudakara," "Brothers," "Over Time," and "Perfect Love!" had high audience ratings.

Also, she appears on various TV commercials such as "Proudia" of Shiseido, "Mujuryoku Sentakki" of Mitsubishi Denki, "Curry Quick, Itadaki Renji, Fruits in Jelly" of House Shokuhin, and "Alfe Mini" of Taisho Seiyaku.

In 1997, she first appeared in a famous movie "Shitsurakuen," and she got the "Most Valuable New Star Award" in the 1998's Japan Academy Awards. In this movie, she was not a heroine, but she will play the leading role in the next movie called "ISOLA-Taju Jinkaku Shojo" which will be released in January 2000.

In June 1998, she made her debut as a singer with her first single "Iruka no Natsu." After that, she has released three other singles and one album.

Recently, she acted as a master of ceremonies of a TV variety program "Renai no Kateikyoshi" with Yusuke Santamaria.

Kimura Yoshino will continue to attract many people with her cheerful character.


Reported by:Ayami Kawaguchi
Data verified by: Sachika Kawamura
Date of Report: December 1999

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