Famous People in Japan

Kimura Takuya

Date of Birth November 13, 1972
Place of Birth Tokyo

Kimura Takuya was born in Tokyo in 1972. When he was a high school student in 1988, he helped to form the group "SMAP," Which is an "idol group" and five men belong to. In 1991, they made their debut and released their first CD "Can't Stop!! -Loving-." Now, he is very popular with all ages. Also some boys want to become like him. He is called "Kimu-Taku." Takuya takes a role as an actor as well as a singer. He made his first appearance on the stage in 1989. He played the part of a homosexual boy in "Moudouken," which means a guide dog. Also, He made his debut with first movie "Shot," with other members of "SMAP," but he was not so popular.

Takuya played the part of a college student in "Asunaro Hakusyo." "Asunaro" means a kind of evergreen shrub, and "Hakusyo" is a white paper. It was the spring of life story which described three men and two women on campus. That drama made him famous. Then he appeared on many TV drama. All of them have become the topic in our conversation.

Also, he appeared on "SMAPxSMAP," which is a kind of variety show. On that show, he cooks well and play the part of a comedian. So when he does them, his fan can see him in an unusual light.

Of course, he appears preposition many TV commercials. The most famous is "Testimo," a kind of women's cosmetics which is made by Kanebo. It was first time that a man appeared in the advertisement for ladies' cosmetics in Japan.

Also, Takuya was selected as the most handsome guy in the several magazines' questionnaire every year. For some few years, he was picked "the best jeanist." a prize, which is given to the man who looks best in jeans.

I think nobody is more popular than him now. He is very cool!!

Reported by: Toyama Hiromi
Data verified by: Takagi Rie
Date of Report: November 1996

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