Famous People in Japan

Kim Seikyo

Date of Birth 12 Jaunary 1970
Place of Birth Osaka

Kim Seikyo is one of the famous conductors and he is evaluated highly not only a classic music world as anoyher worlds.

He started to play the piano when he was three years old and to play the violin when he was seven years old. The reason he started music was that his mother and uncle had learned voice music. He went to America when he was fourteen years old because of the work for his father who is a physicist at a University.

In 1993, he graduated from the Philosophy Department of Boston University and studied the Orchestra Conducting at theNew England Conservatory of Music Graduate School. In 1995, he finished his M.A. degree. After that, he studied under Ozawa Seiji, Robert Spano and Gustaf Maiyer. In 1996, he went to Europe to enter Vienna National Music University and studied under Leopold Hurger. In May, he conducted The Hungarian Segedo Orchestra. In July, he received a prize from " The Second International Competition for Young Conductor " which was held at Lisbon, Portgal. In 1997, he conducted a Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra, and then he was evaluated highly by conducting a Special Concert of Osaka Sinfonica. He made his debut in Japan this time. On May in 1998, he won a victory from " The Twelfth Nicolai Maruko International Conductor Contest " which took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was so authoritative around the world that he became famous around the world.

It was when he was fifteen years old that he decided to become a conductor. Since then, he ever has been connected to the classic music.

As for his identity, he is Korean but he was born at Osaka, Japan, therefore he speaks Japanese, especially Kansaiben. He lives in Japan because he likes Japan. In addition, his characteristic is very opened mind because he has lived in America for long time.

He is very attractive as a conductor and as a person. Many people are fascinated by him. He is active in Japan and around the world.

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References: Classic magazine"CAMPANELLA"

Reported by: Yuki Tanabe
Date vertified by : Sato Yamamoto
Date of Report: December 2001

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