Famous People in Japan

Kikuma Yukino

Date of Birth March 5, 1972
Place of Birth Tokyo

Kikuma Yukino has five people in her family: father, mother, younger brother, grandmother and a lovely dog. Her hobbies are shopping, driving, Karaoke, and billiards. She hates all frogs from all over the world!!

She was a high school student in Tokyo. In those days, she began to be interested in becoming an anouncer. It was due to the influence of Ando Yuko, a very attractive announcer in Japan, that she entered Waseda University.

After graduating in 1994, she joined Fuji TV company. In the following two years of in-service training, she was in charge of a part on "Soreyuke Kikuma" of "Mezamasi TV". That program was on air early in the morning from Monday through Friday. Her smile and her voice made people happy. The program kept a high audience rating. She was doing a nice job.

But an accident happened!! On August 2, 1998, when she reported about using "Safely Down" (the instrument of fire drills) by using it herself, she fell down from the 15th floor of a building, because the rope broke accidentally. She was seriously injured in the accident. She was hospitalized for three months, so she was absent from her programs.

We are really waiting for her to come back soon!!



This article compliments of Michael Shawback's Internet class at Ryukoku University, Kyoto

Reported by: Kobayashi Ayumu
Data verified by: Sako Yohei
Date of Report: October 1998

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