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Real Name Kobayashi Kentaro
Date of Birth 1972
Place of Birth Tokyo

While in college, he began to work as an illustrator. He hardly attended classes, and he drew small illustrations for magazines in his college cafeteria. Finally, he dropped out Musashino Art College.

The reason why he went on to an art college was that he wanted to be a cloth designer, but his aim kept changing from an underwear designer to a furniture designer, to a graphic designer.

After that, he made his debut as a cooking researcher. He has appeared on such programs as "Ryouri no Tetsujin", "Hakkustu Aruaru Daijiten" and " Mahou no Restaurant". He takes charge of cooking page on magazines, likes "Danchu", "TANTO", "an-an" and "ChouChou". In addition to that, he is active in a wide range as radio programs likes " J-WAVE' and "Tokyo FM", cooking Courses and planning development of daily dish.

Besides cooking, he writes many essays for magazines, books and newspapers, for example " LIVING DESIGN".

His cooking has younger viewpoint. With his motto; "easily, nice, classy and realistic cooking", he develops for various generation from people living alone, general home, younger, beginners, housewives, men to elderly without sticking to one field.

His cooking is never reckless. He proposes "a dish which we want to eat again", and he attaches importance a pleasure of making and eating.

He is also good at illustrations of dish and portrait (fashion) for magazines and books.

He is handling graphic designs, for example, logo types of store and book design.

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Reported by: Sato Yamamoto
Data verified by: Saori Ioka
Date of Report: November 2001

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