Famous People in Japan

Kawamoto Makoto

Date of Birth 19 January 1974
Place of Birth Fukui

Kawamoto Makoto's voice and her lyrics are popular among the young girls.

She started playing the piano since she was three years old because her mother was a piano teacher.

After she graduated from an academy of music, she had Sony SD audition, and she passed.

She made her singing debut with "Ai no Sinou" which was produced by Okamura Yasuyuki.

She is good at playing the piano, because she was a piano teacher until she moved to Tokyo. In the new single "Sakura", she sings a song playing it. She can play not only the piano, but also the guitar.

She is a singer song writer. She writes lyrics by herself. If she has trouble writing, she has her hair cut.

Date Title Comment
2 May 1996 Ai no Sainou Debut single
21 October 1996 DNA 2nd single
21 March 1997 1/2 3rd single(Rurouni Kenshin opening theme)
25 June 1997 Kawamoto Makoto 1st album
12 December 1997 Soutai live video
1 April 1998 Sakura 4th single

References: Homepage http://www.sme.co.jp/Music/Info/MakotoKawamoto/index.html
Reported by: Morishita Eri
Date of Report: May 1998
Date verified by: Fukushima Tomoko

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