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Katsu Shintarou

Date of Birth November 29, 1931
Place of Birth Fukagawa, Tokyo
Real Name Okumura Toshio

Katsu Shintarou was born as the second son of Kineya Kachitouji, who was a singer of Naga-uta. His oldest brother is an actor, Wakayama Tomisaburou. So it was natural that he took interest in public entertaining and became an actor.

In 1954, he retired as a singer of Naga-uta and joined a cinema company, Daiei. He made his debut in "Hana no Byakkotai" as a handsome actor of his rival's play. But he did not become famous. He struggled for 6 years.

His turning point came to him in 1960. He became a villain actor instead of a handsome actor and he appeared in "Shiranui". This film was a big hit and his name became famous. He married with Nakamura Tamao, who appeared in it with him. At last he became a big star as the main character in "Zatouichi" and "Akumei".

But his private life was really reckless. He ruined his company because of his foolhardy management. He was arrested more than once for having drugs. His son killed a man because his son attacked him with a real Katana instead of a replica Katana.

Though he had such a recklessness personality, he was loved by his many fans. In 1997, he passed away. The reason was cancer.

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Reported by: Shirou Nagahara
Data verified by: Tadao Naniwada
Date of Report: October 1998

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