Famous People in Japan

Karasawa Toshiaki

Date of Birth 3 June 1963
Place of Birth Tokyo

Karasawa Toshiaki made his debut on a stage drama, "Boys review, stay gold" in 1987. The next year, he appeared on a NHK's morning drama that was called "June-chan no Oenka". While shooting the drama, he met Yamaguchi Tomoko who would be his wife eight years later. They got married in 1995.

He published a book "Futari" "(Two of Us)" in which he writes about why he wanted to be an actor, how he became an actor, and how he fell in love with Tomoko. Until he became a famous actor, he had many troubles. He dropped out high school and left his home. He visited many theatrical agencies and continued to have auditions for TV and stage dramas. But he continuously failed many auditions. But after he appeared on a NHK drama, he became famous.

He is called "an actor of trendy drama". He appeared on TV dramas "Aito iu na no motoni", "Homework", "Imouto-yo", "Oisii-kankei", and "Eve". He is almost always cast as a rich man. For example, his role was a son of a Dietman in "Ai to iu na no motoni". And he was a son of a president of the company in "Imouto-yo". People think he is rich because that is the kind of roles that he appears in. He also writes about his character in that book.

He appeared on a movie of Walt Disney as a radio actor in Japanese version in 1996. His voice was used for the leading character. And he appeared not only many popular TV dramas but also many movies. "Koukou-Kyousi", "Kimi wo Wasurenai", or "Rajio no Jikan" "(The time of radio)". His movies are popular among the young. Especially, "Koukou-Kyousi" "(A teacher of high school)" was broadcasted on TV, too. But on TV, another actor played his role, so he didn't appear. After this movie, his image was changed. And after he got married, his image was changed enen more. He can play both role of a richman and a comic.

He appears on commercials for the car company "Mazda" , a pharmaceutical company "Esu-esu seiyaku" and a cookie company "Morinaga".

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Reported by: Mizutani Yuuko
Data verified by: Matsuo Yuuko
Date of Report: December 1998

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