Famous People in Japan

Kanno Miho

Date of Birth 22 August 1977
Place of Birth Saitama

Miho Kanno is a young actress. When she was in the early teens, she had an audition and got a chance to become an actress. First, she belonged to "Sakurakko Club" . After that, she made her debut in TV drama in 1993. In 1995 she was selected as the heroine of the serial novel telecasted on NHK TV, which most people watch in the morning. To appear on that TV program helped to let many people know her and she won popularity.

Then, she came to appear on many TV dramas, movies and commercials. Her acting is acknowledged so that the oppotunity we see her on TV has increased Besides, she made her debut as a singer in 1995. Also, she is active in variety shows. She shows us her different faces.

In 1997 the sudden publication of her nude photographs "NUDITY" surprised people. She published them for memory of becoming twenty years old. They sold well, so they sold out quickly.

Her character is loved by everyone because she is innocent and cute. Thanks to them, her activity will extend in many directions.

References: TV Talent Jinmeijiten No.3

Reported by: Emiko Okamoto
Data verified by: Miyuki Nakanishi
Date of Report: 22 May 1998