Famous People in Japan

Kanda Uno

Date of Birth 28 March 1975
Place of Birth Kanagawa

Kanda uno was born in Kanagawa on March 28 in 1975. She is an entertainer in Japan. We can see her on TV, stage, magazine, and so on. Her personality is very cheerful, and she likes to dress very nicely.

She is one of the most famous models in Japan, and besides being good-looking, she has a great figure. She is 168 centimeters tall, her bust is 77, her waist is 56, and her hips are 80. She appears on some fashion shows.

She is good at ballet. She won many prizes for it. For example, she won a prize at the Tokyo Newspaper Ballet Contest in 1990, first prize at The Central Japan Junior Ballet Contest, and a prize at theAll Japan Tokyo Ballet Contest. She danced a ballet in Paraolympics in Nagoya which is the handicapped's Olympic. This made her become interested in volunteer work and she appeared on a TV program which features children in Africa.

Recently she appeared on her first play "Alice in Wonder Land". She played the role of Alice in this play. It is a new experience for her.

She sometimes caused a sensation and she often appears on some variety shows. The latest news about her is. ' The problem with Nomura Sachiyo '.

I hope she will be more active.

References: With Magazine

Reported by: Kaori Ejima
Data verified by: Mari Nagata
Date of Report: NObember 1999
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