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Date of Birth 24 September 1962
Place of Birth Fukuoka

Kan is a singer and a songwriter.

He has liked music very much since he was a young boy, so he formed a band with some of his friends when they were high shcool students. His band began to compose original songs and played them at live houses when they were at university. They took part in some events and were scouted by a record company. After that they won a lot of prizes at contests. For example, in 1984 they won first prize in East West, the special prize in Young Jump Sound Contest, and so on.

It was 1987 when he made his debut in music circles as a singer and a songwriter, and the debut CD album's name was "Terebinonakani". However, it was not a big hit, so most Japanese, even young people didn't know him. He never gave up his dream and in 1990 he made a song "Ai-wa-katsu." It was very popular. It made him of the most popular singers in Japan, and we all were able to sing it without looking at the words. His next CD album "Yakyusenshuga-yumedatta." sold more than one million copies.

Then he lost popularity gradually. Now his song, "Aiwakatu" hasappeared in some text books on music. He has been a disk jockey on FM 802 for years.

References: "The biographical dictionary (Jinmei Jiten)"

Reported by: Morimoto Kaori
Data verified by: Naho Kitagawa
Date of Report: July 1998

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