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Kamioka Ryutaro

Original Name Kobayashi Ryutaro
Date of Birth March 20, 1942
Place of Birth Kyoto

Kamioka Ryutaro is a famous person who always speaks bitterly. His way of speaking has a lot of persuasive power. His father was a lawyer, so it is natural that he has this bitter characteristic.

After he graduated from high school in 1960, he joined a rockabilly band, "Tagawa Motoyoshi & Rhythm Wagon Boys." He also did the opening performances of comedy shows. His ability was recognized by Yokoyama Nokku, a famous comedian at that time. In that year, asked by Nokku, they formed a comedy group, "Manga Trio." along with Yokoyama Hook. He called himself Yokoyama Punch. They made people laugh about contemporary events.

After the breakup of the group, he studied storytelling. In 1985 he started a new play organization, "Hengeza." Since then, he showed his ability of an MC, a comedy chatter, a songwriter, a composer, and an actor.

Only by watching TV, it is difficult that we know his character. However, in his TV program, he said that he would want to challenge a lot of new things. Now he appears on the famous talk programs, "Nokku wa muyou",@"Papepo TV", "The great discovery", "A rule of fear",and "Detect! Night Scoop". His fans look forward to his severe, critical comments on them.

He likes running marathon.

References: "Nihon Jinmei Jitten"

Reported by: Kuroki Masatoshi
Data verified by: Takeshi Izumitani

Date of Report: July 1996
Updated by: Yoshimi MorikawaOctober, 1997

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