Famous People in Japan

Takaya Kamikawa

Date of Birth 7 May 1965
Place of Birth Tokyo
Blood Type A
Height 174cm
Weight 65Kg

Takaya Kamikawa is a performer of TV and stage.

He majored in economics at Chuo University. He wanted to act so he cut class in order to practice performing.

After he practice of performing, he returned the university. But he left again because he joined a theatrical company called "Caramel Box" in 1989. Now, he is the star actor in Caramel Box.

He is also active as a TV actor. He appears in many TV dramas, for example, "Daiti no Ko" and "Ao no Jidai".

References: http://www.caramelbox.com/members/kamikawa.html
Reported by: Eri Tanabe
Checked by:Akane Senjaku
Date of Report: June 29, 2004

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