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Kakefu Masayuki

Date of Birth May 9, 1955
Place of Birth Chiba Prefecture

Masayuki Kakehu was born in Chiba Prefecture. He graduated from Narashino High School, and in 1973 he joined the professional baseball team, Hanshin Tigers. He became a regular player in the following year. He hit 48 home runs in the baseball season in 1979, and became a home run king. Since then he had been playing an active part in many games as a hard hitter. At that time many baseball fans came to call him by his nickname, Mr. Tigers. The nickname means a hard hitter who play the most important part in the team. He has the highest admiration of the members.

In 1985, the team he belonged to won the Central League championship. He hit 40 home runs and batted in 108 runs. He contributed greatly to the victory of his team. In the year, his team beat the Pacific League team, the Seibu Lions in the Japan Series.

In 1988, when he was 33 yeas old, he retired as an active player. In total, he took part in 1,625 games, hit 349 home runs, and batted in 1,019 runs. His career batting average is .292.

he was a baseball commentator. He took part in some broadcast of baseball games, and also some TV variety shows. It was reported, in some papers dated September 26, 1995, that he was selected to be the manager of the Autumn Training camp of the American baseball team, the California Angels.

Today he is popular sports commentator. He will be the coach of the Tigers some day.

References: The Sankei Sports News 1995, September 26

Reported by: Hiroshi Ikeda
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Date of Report: November 1995
Updated by: Hiroo Tanaka, May 1998

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