Famous People in Japan

Kaji Hideki

Date of Birth 8 May 1967
Place of Birth Chiba

Kaji Hideki is one of the most popular singers in Japan. But he's different from other singers. He has his own world. His songs are good reflections of his view of music. His songs which were put to Swedish music are called "Sweden pop" in Japan. That's his style.

He released a CD named "Tea" recently. Young people in Japan were looking forward to his new CD. Its first limited editions were sold out right away. So were his concert tickets. They were sold out in ten minutes after they officially went on sale.

Kaji Hideki is called "Kajikun". His fashion is T-shirts and short pants. His hair style looks like the members of Beatles. Some of his fans who are called "Kajira" also look like Kajikun.

He's a singer as well as a producer. He writes music called "Sweden pop" for Chocolat who's a singer and model.

MUSCUT e.p. August 1996
Ra boom-datte my boom is me January 1997
Natsumonogatari April 1997
Tamago no naka no yokubou May 1997
Koibito ga matteiru June 1997
Karora2 ga matteiru June 1998
Minisukato January 1997
Tea February 1998
┼g15 angry men┼h1999
┼gyou will love me┼h2000
┼gfrom Cafe Scandinavia With Love ┼`for cafe Apres-midi┼h2001

References: Nonno (magazine) February 1998

Reported by: Tomoko Fukushima
Data verified by: Morishita Eri
Date of Report: May 1998
Updated by: Hironori Yoshida July 2002

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