Famous People in Japan

Kaifu Toshiki

Date of Birth 2 January 1931
Place of Birth Aichi

Kaifu Toshiki is known as a former prime minister of Japan, and as a member of "The New Frontier Party".

He began his study about politics after his graduation from Waseda University. In 1960, he joined the Liberal Democratic Party, and he was elected representative when he was 29 years old. Since then, he has been elected representative for 13 terms.

He was enthusiastic about education when he was the Minister of Education, so he created a new style entrance examination which is the "Common First Examination".

He was elected prime minister in 1989. Many people liked him because his fashion was interesting; he wore only polka-dot ties, but he resigned in 1991 because his reform of politics ended in failure.

He made a new party in 1994 "The New Frontier Party", and he insisted an further administrative reform.

Now, The New Frontier Party is very strong. He has done a lot to improve conditions of the party.

References: "The Gendai Jinmei Jiten"

Reported by: Okamura Ryota
Data verified by: Ohta Masakazu
Date of Report: January 1996

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