Famous People in Japan

Jumbo Tsuruta

Date of Birth 25 May 1951
Place of Birth Yamanashi Prefecture

Jumbo Tsuruta is a great professional wrestler, but he was a basketball player in his high school days. When he entered a college, he turned to amateur wrestling. In 1972 he won the championship of all Japan student's rally on freestyle and GrecoRoman, and he was one of a Japanese delegation by amateur wrestling.

When he graduated from his college, he was a pupil of Giant Baba and joined All Japan Pro-Wrestling. He has been very strong since he debuted. He won the all titles which is supervised by All Japan Pro-Wrestling, Inter-national, PWF, UN, and Triple Crown heavy weight championship, and so on.

Unfortunately, he almost died of internal disease but now he has returned to the ring. His power, however, has waned considerably.

Now he wrestles and majors in sports in Tsukuba University as a graduate student, because he thinks that to major it is good for the world of professional wrestling.

All professional wrestling fans desire him to come back as a main eventer, but he can't anymore. So they support him both as a wrestler and as a student.

References: The Pro-wresling 1990

Reported by: Fumihide Asano
Data verified by: Tadashi Murakami
Date of Report: July 1996

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