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Judy and Mary

Name Instrument Date of Birth Place of Birth
Yuki Isoya Vocal 17 February 1947 Hokkaido
Takuya Asanuma Guitar 9 September 1971 Kyoto
Kaito Onda Bass 13 December 1963 Hyogo
Kouta Igarashi Drums 17 January 1963 Kanagawa

JUDY AND MARY is a music group. They are organized by Yuki Isoya, Takuya Asanuma, Kaito Onda, and Kouta Igarashi. In 1993 they released their 1st single "Power of love" and then they released their 2nd singles "Blue Tears" in 1994. And released their 1st album "J.A.M".

In 1996, their 8th singles "sobakasu" was used as a ending theme of "rurounikensin" which is a TV animation. They became popular by thanks to that song. And at the end of the year, they appeared on NHK's "Kouhaku Uta Gassen" on TV. In 1998, they released their 13th and 14th singles,"sampomochi"and "music Fighter". .

Nowadays, they have individual activities. Yuki is very popular among young people because she is so cute and she is a wonderful singer. She often appears on TV and she appears in some magazines. Takuya is also active as a soloist "ROBOTS".


  1. Power of love
  2. Blue Tears
  3. Hello Orange Sunshine
  4. Cheese Pizza
  5. Chiisana Korokara
  6. Doki Doki
  7. Over Drive
  8. Sobakasu
  9. Classic
  10. Kujira 12 Gou
  11. Lovely Baby
  12. Lover Soul
  13. Sanpomiti
  14. Music Fighter


  1. J.A.M
  2. Hello orange sunshine
  3. Miracle night diving
  4. The power source

References: Jam's book

Reported by: Takahashi Nayumi
Data verified by: Fukushima Tomoko
Date of Report: May, 1998

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