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Date of Birth 17 October 1972
Place of Birth Hokkaido

Jiro, (Wayama Yoshihito), the member of a famous rock'n roll band called"GLAY", takes charge of playing the bass.

Jiro is very popular for being very fashionable. Jiro is fastidious in his cloths and hair styles. He often change his hair color in orange, blond, and red. He also has his hair be in very characteristic styles which look like a hedgehog or an aloe. Many young people long to become like Jiro, and refer to his fashion. Therefore, there are many fans who take off Jiro in GLAY's concerts.

Furthermore, Jiro has his own radio program in Kansai Prefecture that is called "Buggy crush night" on FM802. This program is on the air on every Sunday midnight which is supported by his fans, and send many cool tracks not only Japanese ones but also overseas ones as well as GLAY's.

In addition, the reason why he is called "Jiro" instead of his real name,"Yoshihito" is this. When he was still in Hokkaido, one day on a live event, he was asked his name suddenly by a stranger, and he accidentally answered his name as "Jiro". From that day, everyone started to call him "Jiro".

References: "GLAY Hakodatemonogatari" written by Hiroo Oshima

Reported by: Kaneshita Akiko
Data verified by: Matsumoto Shinji
Date of Report: December 1998

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