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Jigen Daisuke

Date of Birth ???
Place of Birth ???

Jigen Daisuke is a character in the Japanese animation, "Lupin the Third". He is a member of a gang of three robbers. The reason why he joined the gang was that Lupin, the leader of the group, revenged his sister. However, it is not known at all where or when he was born and grew up.

He is known as a very nice sniper who wears black suits. He also wears a black hat "volsarino" to improve his shooting skill. He wears the hat deeply, so you can not see his eyes. His figure is so thin as is Lupin. His gun is a S&W 357 Magnum M27 revolver.

Whenever we see him, he is smoking a cigarette, though he cares for his own health. He dislikes women, artists, rebel . He sometimes gets to know some ladies however , he is jilted by them.

Though the animation "Lupin the Third" has finished, there are a lot of his fan in Japan. I am sure that no character such as him will not appear forever.

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Reported by: Takashi Shimamura
Data verified by: Kiminori Tsubota
Date of Report: November 1999
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