Famous People in Japan

Itsumi Masataka

Date of Birth 16 February 1945
Date of Death 25 December 1993
Place of Birth Osaka

Itsumi Masataka was active as a TV announcer and master of ceremonies. His character which was earnest and humorous gave a favorable impression to the televiews.

In 1968, he started with Fuji TV Station as an announcer. He broadcast volleyball games and emceed a TV program, "Sanji no Anata". In 1984, he was selected as the main newscaster of the news program "Super Time," and became famous all over the country.

He played the master of ceremonies of several amusement programs, and at the same time, he published several books. He also made his debut in musical circles, but his songs didn't sell so well. In 1988, he became independent and founded his own office.

In 1993, he suddenly confessed that he had cancer at a press conference, and declared that he would take a break to cure it for three months. His family, friends, and many people who were impressed by his brave act encouraged him, and hoped that he would recover well, but he died without returning once. His bravery and efforts trying to fight against cancer made a great impression on all the people.

References: Gendai Nihonjinmeiroku, 1994 p.610-11

Reported by: Mika Kamei
Data verified by: Kaori Nagato
Date of Report: November 1995

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