Famous People in Japan

Ito Hideaki

Place of Birth Gifu
Date of Birth August 3, 1975
Height 182 cm
Weight 70 Kg
Blood Type O

Ito Hideaki is 26 years old and he is an actor. His hobbies are snowboarding, riding bikes, diving, collecting figure toys and riding horses.

He made his debut in 1997. He was in the drama "Dessin". In November 1999, he came on a new drama called "Out". This year he appeared in the drama "Joshiana" which made him more popular among young women. In August 2001, he will appear in the movie "Onmyoji". I think this will make him even more popular.

References: http://www.ito-hideaki.net/

Reported by: Emi Togami
Data verified by: Chie Kojima
Date of Report: August 13, 2001

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