Famous People in Japan

Ishida Issei

Date of Birth 7 December 1974
Place of Birth Tokyo

Ishida Issei is a famous actor . His real name is Hoshikawa Issei, and his parents are public entertainers, too. His father, Ishida Junichi who is a famous actor has appeared on many stages and has been popular for a long time.

So his son Ishida Issei had received much attention since his youth. And he has appeared on many stages and magazines, too. For example, Hitotu yane no shita. In that drama he played a naughty brother. It was a tale connected to a family. And many people who saw it shed tears.

He also appeared in Jajauma narashi, Miseinen and Seija no koushin. In all these TV programs he expressed each person's character very well and made a deep expression on many people. And he has also appeared on movies. In Yuuri, he played together with Sakai Maki.

He has been interested in music since his youth. Specially he was interested in David Boy when he was nine years old. So when he went back to his own country from free school in Australia, he participated in a reggae band as a keyboarder and enjoyed music. And finally, he formed a band named THE BIG BAND!!

Many people like him and his fashion. So there are many fans and people who imitate his fashion and hair style. Now he becomes a target of young people's admiration.

References: Gendai Nihon jinmeiroku 98

Reported by: Tsuchikawa Kayoko
Data verified by: Itsumi Asako
Date of Report: July 1998

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